Jan 8

What Is Backlinking & Link Building?

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Backlinks Build Relevance for Your Website

Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major search providers use sophisticated web-crawlers to take virtual snapshots of the World Wide Web. This is used to see what sites are talking about your content (otherwise known as “backlinking”). For example, if the Wall Street Journal’s website references an article on your blog and provides a link to it for their readers to checkout, then your site has been backlinked by the Wall Street Journal. Search providers view this as a major step towards validating the content and relevance of your site.

Where Should I Build Up Backlinks?

If your article is mentioned on the Wall Street Journal’s site, that will be significantly more impactful than a mention in an ad on Craig’s List. Search engines rank sites based on the quality of their content, and their track record for retaining the interest of their audiences. The better a site ranks on these metrics, the more impactful their backlink will be for your site’s rankings.

Using Social Media for Backlinks

Okay, so we all have that friend on Facebook who loves to share literally every waking moment of their life. Up until now, you’ve seen them as annoying and wish they’d stop posting pictures of their cat. That is, until right now! That’s because this person is now your best friend when it comes to promoting your brand. By producing content that your audience feels compelled to share via Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter, you can greatly impact your social media backlinking. Initially, this will drive traffic to your site via social media newsfeeds, but over time the search engines will pick up on the increased traffic coming from these sources and boost your relevance for the keywords associated with all of those “shares”.

Can I Just Buy Backlinks?

Okay, so it’s really tempting just to spend a bunch of money and be finished with your backlinking, right? Be careful! We recommend sitting down with an experienced SEO firm that can incorporate a meaningful backlinking strategy into your SEO campaigns. The search engines are smarter than ever before, and spammy backlinks on low value sites will do little for your site’s Google rankings. In addition, you could be penalized if the company you purchase the backlinks from goes on a sudden backlinking rampage across the web. Search engines actually penalize your company’s rankings when they see a sudden explosion in low-quality, high keyword content backlinks to your site. Again, this is where an experienced professional becomes incredibly important in order to avoid any blowback associated with inexperienced backlink providers. You’ve been warned!

Consistency Is Key

Take the time to build up your backlinks. Consistently adding backlinks from high-quality sites specifically relevant to your content will pay dividends over the long-term. You’ll want to add roughly the same number of backlinks each week, no matter which strategy you implement. This will show the search engines that your content has staying power, and isn’t just a short-term headline or ill-conceived SEO attempt.


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